Thesis Title Marketing Managemet

  1. Service Factors on Consumer Purchase Decision Making in Kaliguma Transindo Surabaya
  2. Promotional Mix Effect on sales Volume in Kompas Agung Malang
  3. Psychological Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior in the House Purchase Decision Eating Fast Food in Malang (Case Study In Economics Faculty Student Subscriber X)
  4. Effect of Quality of Service to the Decision of Patients Medical Treatment in PT. Petro Graha Medika Hospital PKG
  5. Consumer Behavior Analysis of Influence Factors in Making Purchasing Decision on the Product She Boutique International Fashion Collection in Malang
  6. Analysis of Influence the Decision to Purchase Promotional Mix Products Company in Tailpipe Exhaust Wheel Jaya Malang
  7. Analysis of Effect of Dimensional Quality of Services to Consumers Using Decision Service Auto Service on Salma Tulungagung Bandung
  8. Factors Analysis of Consumer Behavior on the Use of Service Decision on Rail Station X Gajayan
  9. Swot Analysis as the Basis of the Decision in Cigarette Marketing Strategy Lembang Jaya Malang
  10. Effect of Price Policy Analysis Promotion and Support Facilities on Customer satisfaction in the Grand Hotel Malang Palace

Operational Management of Title Thesis

  1. Control of Raw Materials to Achieve Target Production on PG. Djombang New-Jombang
  2. Quality Control in Production to Achieve Target Company to Power in Lumajang Eternit
  3. Application Quality Control the Right to Improve Product Quality at the T-Shirt Company PT. Multi Image Clothing Tulungagung
  4. Raw Material Inventory Control in Keeping in Cigarette Smooth Production Rizki (B) Reinforcement Sidoarjo
  5. Determining Inventories of Raw Materials for Expedite Effective Production Process in the Morning Solar Daily
  6. Analysis of the Effect of Machine Repair and Replacement of Components of Machine to Production in PR. Natural Fertile Probolinggo
  7. Just in Time Method 27 Application (JIT) Inventory Control as an Alternative Raw Materials in Concrete Image Tile Malang
  8. Inventory Control of Raw Materials (Seed Coffee) Effective Production Process For Smoothness in Coffee Powder Cap "Bird Jalak" Dept.
  9. Implementation of Quality Control to Achieve Target Tile

Thesis Title marketing Management

  1. Effect of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction Kalpataru Hotel in Malang
  2. Effective Implementation of Sales Promotion for Improving Export Volume Rattan in. "Fendi Tiny" Gresik
  3. Effective Role in the Advertising Business Sales Volume Increase in Cigarette "Kebayak" Nganjuk
  4. The Role of Advertising and Policy in Price Level in Crease in Hotel Room Occupancy
  5. Psychological Analysis of Influence Factors on Consumer Buying Decisions Refill Drinking Water. (Study on the Students ...
  6. Mix Effect on the Increase Sales Promotion in...
  7. Effect of Strategy on the Volume of Sales Promotion Mix in Embroidery.....
  8. The Role of Product Development and Advertising for Improving Sales Volume in Gear Bike "Moch. Atiem" Ngunut Tulungangung
  9. Implementation and Promotion Distribution Channel for Improving the Effective Sales Volume in Ceramic Factory Soeharto Dinoyo Malang
  10. Marketing Mix Analysis of Sales on Suzuki Motorcycle Dealer PT. Sakti Hero Motor Malang

Operational Management of Title Thesis

  1. Work Environment Effect on Employee Productivity of Production in Skin Factory
  2. Implementation of Quality Control of the Right in Cigarette "Woods Ware" Dept.
  3. Inventory Control of Raw Materials (Sugar Cane) for the Smooth Production Process at. PG Kebonagung Malang
  4. The Analysis of Pattern of Production for the Production Costs Minimize Company to Order on UD. Sri Scissors Malang
  5. Implementation of Quality Control of the Right to Achieve Target Production Company "Fass" Dpt.
  6. Optimizing Quality Control Products to Reduce the Number of damage in Ceramic Soeharto Dinoyo Malang
  7. ISO-9000 Application of Control as a Production (Quality System) at. Engineering Plastics Industry Tlogomas karangploso Malang
  8. Quality Cost Analysis in Company, ITS Manufacture Clothing (Persero) Unit Mace
  9. Inventory Control of Raw Materials (Seed coffee) Effective Production Process to Support Smoothness in Coffee Powder Cap "Bird Jalak" Malang
  10. Effect of Work Environment on Productivity of Employees Production Department at PT. 1368 Banyuwangi

Thesis Title Marketing Management

  1. The Role Of Advertising In Increasing Sales Volume In....
  2. Effect Of Price On Promotions And Sales In Stick Furniture Company ....
  3. Implementation Of Marketing Strategy For Improving Sales Volume In .....
  4. Analysis Of Influence Of Product Attributes On The Decision To Purchase Milkfish Crackers.....
  5. Marketing Mix Effect (7P) Decision To Use The Service For Consumers In Hotel.....
  6. Distribution Channel Effect For Improving Sales And Advertising Company In Lemon-Aid....
  7. Consumers Behavior Analysis Of Chicken EGG RAS Marketing Strategies as A Basis of Decision On EGG Company
  8. Effect of Price and Advertising Policy on Sales Volume in Racket
  9. Effect of Implementation of Advertising Effective to Increase Sales In Hotel
  10. Promotional Mix Strategy For Improving Company In Sales Volume

Operational Management of Title Thesis

  1. Effective Implementation of Quality Control for Improving The Quality of Products at "XXXX"
  2. Material Inventory Control System Implementation Raw (NUT) The Right In Effort to Improve Process of Bean Production In XXXX
  3. Analysis of Quality Control at The Cost of Quality in PT. Wonders of Adolescent
  4. The Importance of Plant Lay Out The Right to Support The Smooth Production Process at XXX
  5. Inventory Control of Raw Materials for Effective Production Process In Support
  6. Effect of Maintenance in The Production Process Support Smooth Exhaust Wheels Final In Malang
  7. Effective Implementation of Quality Control as One of Effort to Achieve Target Production In XXX
  8. Effectiveness of Quality Control to Ensure Continuity of Production in Fish Teri Rice at,...
  9. Effect of Quality Improvement of Machine Maintenance Smoothness of Production Process  Printing on State Branch XXX
  10. Effect of Maintenance in The Production Process Support the XXX